Wisconsin Credentialing Asset Management System

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WI-CAMS Organization Identification Sheet

WI-CAMS Memorandum of Agreement v. 2.2

User Guides

WI-CAMS and SalamanderLive™ User Guide

WI-CAMS and 02 TRACK™ User Guide

WI-CAMS and Command™ User Guide

WI-CAMS and RapidTAG™ User Guide

WI-CAMS Printer Quick Reference

Other Publications

Wisconsin Credentialing Proposal - Tier II/III Credential System Overview (pptx)

NIMS Guideline for the Credentialing of Personnel

Moving Towards Credentialing Interoperability

National NIMS Resource Typing Criteria

National Credentialing Definition and Criteria

Personal Identity Verification Interoperability For Non-Federal Issuers

Position Descriptions/Qualification Requirements: Fire Service